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Making the best of it

Very rainy weather all weekend gave us some much needed time to clear out and re-arrange the DZ. It's unbelieveable the amount of junk that can accumulate. We filled the dumpster completely and still have a third of a dumpster load to put in. Perhpas we should be featured on Hoarders. In any case, we now have a dedicated area for our all aspects of our AFF training and have commandeered the lockers for cleaning supplies. the rigging loft again looks respectable and professional.

Lost a dear friend

For those that have not yet heard on Sunday our friend of many years, Momma Dog, was put to sleep. Despite continued interaction with her DZ people, she had been suffering from weight loss likely due to some sort of cancer for many months. She had become lethargic and would not eat for several days, so the decision was made that her time had come.

Momma first appeared at the Thomaston Airport sometime around the first year of business in 1994. She was pregnant at the time and so became known as "Momma Dog." When the DZ moved to Thomaston in 1997 it became the defacto home for Momma on weekends. Then in 2001 when we ran 7 days a week she became a permanent resident with full time doggie door access.

She had a wonderful life, touched all that knew her, and it will take many moons before we get used to the idea she will no longer be waiting greeting us as we drive into the parking lot or at our feet pining for a piece of sausage biscuit. We will miss you.

Momma Dog Picture

Momma Dog 1993? - 2012

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