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It was a great weekend of weather finally. The World's Funnest Safety Day was not quite as fun as we would've liked when the plane had a maintenance issue. It's only the second time in 12 years we have had to ground the King Air on a jump day for a problem. We had the mechanic on site within 30 minutes and were back up in a couple of hours completing 9 more loads before sunset.
In the evening Rich, Mike E, Gary, and Dave Cranney did presentations for Safety Day while folks enjoyed pizza provided by the DZ. This year the instructors and pilots were also involved on the learning end of Safety Day as we had an FAA medical examiner and local pilot give an unofficial presentation on issues that effect them and their medical certificates.

Rich's Presentation.

Rich's Presentation.

Rich gave one of 4 short presentations for jumpers.

Edward Brown.

Congratulations to Edward Brown for graduating AFF!

The new event calendar is up. We have regular organizing events each month and we will be adding freefly organizing dates soon. In two weeks we have Night Jumps!

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