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TBT with this one from 2013!

Looking back on some of the great videos and amazing jumps we've had. The skill level at Skydive Atlanta has gotten really up there. In fact at events, record participant jumpers come up to us and comment how our jumpers are really top notch and they are excited to come and jump with us because of it.

We have many events upcoming this year with great organizers. Angle Camp is May 13-15, Scott Franklin organizing multiple events, Skydive and Murph again on Memorial Day, 4 way camps, and working on several 20 way invitationals over the next year.

If you haven't checked out our sister DZ's website see it here at Music City Skydiving new website

Georgia skydiving is best at Skydive Atlanta.

The best skydive in Georgia!

We have been the leader in Atlanta skydiving for 30 years! We are your Bucket List Specialistâ„¢. We are inspected by the Department of Defense to service military contracts for the Ft. Benning demonstration team, "The Silver Wings." The only skydiving company in Georgia with such a certification. Located one hour from Atlanta, Columbus, Macon, and 90 minutes Auburn, Alabama. We do tandem skydives, AFF solo certifcation, and we even train instructors. Come on out and skydive Georgia!

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