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Red Bull Soapbox Race

The 2012 Skydive Atlanta Racer built by Ride on Bikes

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{rokbox title=|The sketch :: June 3, 2012| thumb=|images/site/blog/thumb_images/soapbox_thumb.jpg| size=|620 480|}images/site/blog/images/soapbox_sketch.jpg{/rokbox} {rokbox title=|The design :: June 3, 2012| thumb=|images/site/blog/thumb_images/soapbox_design_thumb.jpg| size=|620 480|}images/site/blog/images/soapbox_design.jpg{/rokbox} {rokbox title=|Beginning the build :: June 3, 2012| thumb=|images/site/blog/thumb_images/build_begin_thumb.jpg| size=|620 480|}images/site/blog/images/build_begin.jpg{/rokbox}
{rokbox title=|Frame takes shape :: June 3, 2012| thumb=|images/site/blog/thumb_images/frame_front_thumb.jpg| size=|620 480|}images/site/blog/images/frame_front.jpg{/rokbox} {rokbox title=|Fuselage :: June 3, 2012| thumb=|images/site/blog/thumb_images/fuselage_thumb.jpg| size=|620 480|}images/site/blog/images/fuselage.jpg{/rokbox} {rokbox title=|Tail completed :: June 3, 2012| thumb=|images/site/blog/thumb_images/frame_tail_thumb.jpg| size=|620 480|}images/site/blog/images/frame_tail.jpg{/rokbox}
{rokbox title=|Training hard for Soapbox :: Sunday May 27, 2012| thumb=|images/site/blog/play_button_images/soapbox_training.jpg| size=|620 480|}images/site/blog/videos/soapbox_training.flv{/rokbox}

{rokbox title=|Skin and nose cone :: June 3, 2012| thumb=|images/site/blog/thumb_images/fuselage_skin_thumb.jpg| size=|620 480|}images/site/blog/images/fuselage_skin.jpg{/rokbox} {rokbox title=|Nose cone skinned :: June 3, 2012| thumb=|images/site/blog/thumb_images/nose_cone_thumb.jpg| size=|620 480|}images/site/blog/images/nose_cone.jpg{/rokbox} {rokbox title=|Painted and decals :: June 3, 2012| thumb=|images/site/blog/thumb_images/paint_decals_thumb.jpg| size=|620 480|}images/site/blog/images/paint_decals.jpg{/rokbox}
{rokbox title=|Bobby races to the finish :: June 3, 2012| thumb=|images/site/blog/thumb_images/bobby_racing_thumb.jpg| size=|620 480|}images/site/blog/images/bobby_racing.jpg{/rokbox}

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